December 20, 2017

Sentimag / Sienna+ – Magnetic lymph node localisation

Many treatments for early-stage cancer involve ‘sentinel lymph node biopsy’, or SLNB. This method, which identifies the lymph nodes with the highest potential for harbouring metastases, helps to determine the nodal stage of the cancer and make informed decisions for surgery and subsequent treatment. Standard SLNB uses radioisotopes for sentinel node localisation. We offer an effective clinical solution that uses safe magnetic fields instead. This eliminates concerns related to the safety, workflow and availability associated with ionising radiation. Best practice SLNB is now possible everywhere, with no time restrictions. Our system consists of the Sentimag probe and the Sienna+ magnetic tracer. First, the tracer is injected into the interstitial tissue to provide a traceable signal. Next, using the Sentimag probe, you locate the sentinel lymph nodes to determine how far the cancer has spread.

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