Disadvantages of Gamma Probe

December 26, 2017

Technetium 99

1. However, the main radioisotopes such as Tc-99m cannot effectively be produced without reactors.

2. One prepared, the Tc-99m ECD dose is stable for 6 hours. At 1 hour, less than 5% of the dose remains in the blood. Its half-life limits its benefits and also creates potential risks for patients and staff (1).

3. The main problem with the technique of gamma prop is long time between the injection of Mab and surgery. This technique is also difficult (2).

4. The method of Gamma probe is handheld and its sensitivity is low.

5. Moreover, complicated rules and limitations regulate handling and access to radioactive materials.

6. All of these factors limit access to this method.

7. Only 60% patient in developed countries access to this method, it had a reduction 5% and even reduced more in other parts of world (3).

The use of radioisotope is associated with preoperative scintigraphy imaging often the day before surgery. This requires good organization in terms of coordination with radio physicians, radiotracer availability, management of radioactive waste, and waiting time for patients, which could be an obstacle in the development of ambulatory surgery (4).

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