Sentimag – Magnetic sentinel lymph node localisation

With the Sentimag / Sienna+ system, clinicians can quantify the amount of tracer located in a specific node relative to others. This higher tracer loading is a hallmark of the sentinel node identification process and is similar to the radioactive method. With Sienna+, however, neither clinicians nor patients are exposed to any radiation at any stage. Gamma system users have no issues adapting to the Sentimag procedure as the probe handling is remarkably similar. As a result, almost no additional training is required. There aren’t special procedural requirements either, such as darkening the room for fluorescent localisation systems. Thanks to the flexible workflow, which requires no scheduling between departments and almost no pre-operative preparation, surgical departments can arrange more SLNB procedures per day, can help those in need be treated sooner, and promote more out-patient surgery.


Magnetic SLNB procedure


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